Sonda Vadiraja Matha

Sodhe is also called as sode/Sonda, it is a small town situated in  the Sirsi taluk, uttara kannada district of Karnataka, India. The Sonda Vadiraja Matha was established in the 13th century by Sri madhvacharya. Sodhe is the headquarters of Sodhe math. Later on  Sri Varadraj constructed the Sodhe math was constructed by Shree Varadraj Teertharu. Sri varadraj was a great saint philosopher.  It is 18 km away from the Sirasi. And 137 km away from Karwar and 110 km away from Hubli.

Inside The Temple

At the passageway of Sode, a lake known as Hayagriva Samudra is seen. It is where a huge number of ponies vanished subsequent to overcoming the foe multitude of Arasappa Nayaka. The Matha is in three phases. In upper stage, there is Trivikrama sanctuary. The Trivikrama sanctuary comprises an inward hallowed place, chariot, passage with the stone Mantapa. In an inward hallowed place, the symbol of Trivikrama, brought by Bhutaraja from Urdhva Badri is found introduced by Sri Vadiraja. In chariot parcel, the sculpture of goddess Lakshmi is seen. The chariot has stone wheels. On the mainstays of Mantapa, figures of numerous gods are flawlessly cut. In the passageway, there is a notable as Akashaganga. In Front of the sanctuary, there is a tall stone column, graced with the picture of Vadirajaru situated on swan (Hamsarudha). This stone column is a stock example and image declaring the novel significance of Lord Trivikrama and Guru Vadirajaru. North east way, there is a blessed and amazing presence of Sri Bhootaraja, known as Kshetrapalaka. Other than day by day love in the evening, unique veneration is done on Phalguna month Shukla Chaturdashi consistently. In the north west, authentic stone engraving specifying the endowments gave by Arasappanayaka is seen. Carstreet for celebrations, room convenience in Trivikrama dhama and Rajadhama are additionally found in upper.

Sodhe/Sode Vardraj Math Timings
  • 24 hours open.
Annual Festival /Sodhe/Sode Muth

The Annual Festival is done in the every year of Holi Poornima (in the month of march).

Where To Stay :
  • The rooms are available at sodhe math/Sode math those are
    • Rajdhama -Price -300,250,200
    • Trivikram Dhama-Price- 300,250
    • VIP deluxe room facility with hot water -Price- 1000
    • Athithi gruha -price-500.
    • Mysore guest house -500
    • For room Booking Enquiry / Phone Number -9483357005/8277445555
  • And nearby places like Sirashi and Hubbli,Yellapur Rooms are available for devotees.
Things To do :
  • Get darshana for lord Trivikram.
  • And the sevas ticket available for the devotees.
  • Parking and ATM facilities available for the devotees.
  • Car street festivals are done every year.
Nearby places to visit from Sodhe/ Sonda Vadiraja Matha and their distance
PlacesDistance (Km)
Unchalli waterfalls50  km
Lalguli falls52  km
Magod falls 44  km
Attiveri bird Sanctuary67  km
Mundigekere Bird Sanctuary5 km
How to reach Sonda Vadiraja Matha

Sode math is situated in the Sodhe/Sonda and it is Sirsi taluk of Uttarakannada District and it is 18 km away from the Sirasi. And 137 km away from Karwar and 110 km away from Hubli. Sondhe math is having  Good Transportation from other places.

By Bus/car

The Sode Math/Sindhe Math is well connected by public transport to nearby Belgaum, Hubli, Karwar, Dandeli, Dharwad, Hubli, Shirasi.

  • Shirasi  is 18 km aside from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Gokarna is  100 km  away from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Karwar is 137 km aside from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Haliyal  is 88 km away from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Dandeli  is 92 km aside from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Belagavi is 193 km away from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Dharwad is 115 km aside from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Hubli  is 110 km aside from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Mangalore is 282 km aside from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Bangalore is 420 km aside from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
By Train 
  • The closest railway station is Hubli  railway station and it is 110 km away from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Alnavar railway station is 100 km away from Sodhe/Sondha/Sode Math.
  • Belagavi railway station is 190 km away from Sodhe Math.
  • Dharwad railway  station is 114 km away from Sonda Math.
  • Karwar railway station is  140 km away from Sode Math.
  • Mangalore railway station is 284 km away from Sode math.
By Air 
  • Nearest Airport is Hubli Airport 109 km away 
  • Goa Airport 224 km.
  • Mangalore Airport  284 km.
  • Belagavi Airport is 197 km.

Sondhe/Sonda/Sode Varadaraja Math Sirsi taluk, Uttara kannada district

Karnataka, India 581336

PhoneNumber : 9483357005

Email :

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