Sidila Padi Badami – Sidlaphadi

Sidila Padi is one of the must visit place near Badami. Sidila Padi is a natural formed cave and it was used by ancient man.
This naturally formed stone formation has drawings. You can witness the holes on the roof of Sidiala Padi that are probably caused due to thunder.
As the name itself describes in ‘Sidilu'(kannada) indicates ‘Thunder’. The place take you to the human civilization days and human survived with different natural events. You can also the amazing view of the nature and surroundings from ‘Sidilu Padi’.

Sidila Padi Badami

Sidilu padi is definitely an amazing place that reminds you about the rock shelters inhabited by the human in stone age.
Details of Sidla padi and it’s model of this Natural Cave is available at the Badami ASI Museum.

Sidila Padi Badami
Sidila Padi

Reaching Sidila Padi :
Sidila Padi is loacted at a distance of 6 km from Badami town. It’s approx 3 KM’s from Main road, You can walk along pathway towards the hill (Enter the arch of garden named as tribute to salu marad timmakka) till Telephone Tower entrance then take left turn on steep stones. On going further up you will u find mud pathway to sidilpadi.
Carry snacks and water bottle as there are no shops around for refreshments.

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