Shivagoya Mandira  is a place with spiritual importance located on the banks of the Malaprabha River near Badami, the Shivagoya Mandir trains and educates the  Veershaiva mathadhipathis and finds an important place for the Veerashaiva Lingayaths. Many enthusiastic devotees joined hands with Sri Hanagal Kumara Swamiji in his social service and establishing Shivayoga Mandira.His Holiness  Paramapoojya Sri Hanagal Kumara Swamy worked hard for the development of Shivavoga Mandira. His capability, qualities and good events, his faith in God, his energy, presence of mind and his sympathy for the poor won the hearts of the millions. For the development of the Shivayoga mandira, he travelled continuously ignoring his health and he got hundreds of acre of lands  and  he invested it for the development of Shivayoga mandira.

Shivayoga mandira was established in 1909. Shivayoga mandira has completed 100 years and the centenary celebrations was held  from April 9 to April 13, 2010.

How To Reach

Shivayoga Mandira can be reached by road from Badami. Badami can be reached by Road and Train.
Distance from Badami to Shivayoga Mandira is around : 12 km
Distance from Pattadakal to Shivayoga Mandira is around : 10 km