Pattadakal (Pattadakallu :ಪಟ್ಟದಕಲ್ಲು,) is a tow in Bagalkot District located near Badami.  Pattadakallu town is located on the banks of the river Malaprabha. It was a famous town during chalukyas. In kannada “Patta” means ‘coronation'(usually involves the ritual placement of a crown upon his or her head and the presentation of other items of regalia).

“Kallu” means stone. For Chalukyan family, the coronation was used to take place here thats why the name “Pattada Kallu”.Here temples are built using the red sandstone. In inscription pattadakal is called as ‘Pattada Kisuvolal’ meaning ‘red valley’.It is also described as the meeting point of art and architecture of north Indian and south Indian styles.

Pattadakal is renowned for the group of the 8th century monuments. The uniqueness of monuments at Pattadakal gains from the presence of both the Dravidian and the Nagara styles of temple architecture.

There are around ten temples surrounded by many small shrines and plinths:

Virupaksha Temple,
Nandi Mandapa – Virupaksha Temple
Sangameshvara Temple,
Mallikarjuna Temple,
Kashivisvanatha Temple,
Kadasiddhesvara temple,
Jambulingeswara’ temple,
Galganatha temple,
Jain Temple,
Papanatha temple.
Chandrashekara Temple
The monuments at Pattadakal are listed in the UNESCO’s list of “World Heritage Sites“.

Sculpture Gallery

We can see the sculpture gallery maintained by Archeological survey of India (ASI) within the Pattadakal temple complex.

Food And Stay

We can find some small hotels is pattadakal. Its better to stay in Badami .  In badami you will get both food and hotels to stay.

How To Reach Pattadakal :

Pattadakal can easily reached by road from  Badami.Badami is having good connectivity, See here to know How to reach Badami.Distance From Badami To Pattadakal is around :   22 km

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Distance From Mahakoota To Pattadakal is around:  14 km
Distance From Aihole To Pattadakal is around :    16 km
Distance From Bagalkot To Pattadakal is around : 44 km
Distance From Ilkal To Pattadakal is around :    38 km

General Info:

The latitude and longitude of pattadakal is :15.9484° N, 75.8159° E
Pin code : 5872 11