PAMPA SAROVAR – ANEGUNDI is situated in the anegundi and it is 33 km away from the anegundi and it’s close to hampi of hospet. PAMPA SAROVAR – ANEGUNDI is a lake south of tungabhadra stream located in the koppal locale of gangavathi taluk of Karnataka. it is one of the historical places of Ramayana. It is one of the sacred lakes among 5 sacred lakes (5 holy sarovars) and the The other four are Manasa Sarovar in Tibet, Pushkar Sarovar close to Ajmer in Rajasthan, Narayana Sarovar and Bindu sarovar in Gujarat.

Pampa Sarovar is covered up amidst a valley on the street prompting Anegundi from Hospet. It is brimming with lotus leaves broadly spread everywhere on the tan. On one side Goddess Lakshmi sanctuary and Lord Shiva sanctuary are confronting the lake. The mango tree remaining close to it looks as though shielding a Ganesh sanctuary. The beautiful mountains resemble posts around the lake.Anjaneya Hill is close to Pampa Sarovar. Hanuman temple is on the top of Anjaneya hill. And nearby never forget to visit the small shabari sage.


Pampa Sarovar is having two mythological stories one is related to the Ramayana and another one is related to Shiv – Parvati. The epic Ramayana said that Pampa Sarovara is the place where shabari is met for Rama and she advises to meet sugriva for help to find sitha mata. Sugriva is in Kishkinda and it is situated near the Pampa Sarovar. Shabari is a old sainty women and she is waiting for Shri Rama and once She Rama is coming to visit she gives the fruits to eat Shri Rama.

Another mythological story is As per Hindu mythology, Pampa Lake is a place where Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati, a form of Lord Shiva, is worshiped as a devotee of Lord Shiva.

Sarovar Timings

  • All days of the week Opening and Closing Time :6:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • No entry fees.
  • Visit duration  1 temp hours.

Where To Stay :

  • The hotels or lodges 3km Distance of  Anegundi.
  • and Gangavathi is 23km away from Sarovara.
  • And nearby  hospet also rooms are available.

Things To do :

  • Visit the lotus covering the lake and enjoy the nature of the lake.
  • And inside the Sarovara Rama,Shiva,Games,Shabari sage and Pampa Devi.
  • Engine worked instrument, which plays drums, chimes and plates simultaneously, is an absolute necessity to watch and hear as the sound is exceptionally calming to the ears during morning and night contributions.
  • There is an immense mango tree situated at the center place of the space.
  • Capturing the fort experience will be good.
  • The guides are available to visitors.
  • Bicycles are available for riding in the Lake.

Availability For The Visitors :

  • Parking space is available and they do not apply any charges.
  • Tender Coconuts are available for visitors to  help to Extinguish thirst.
  • Camera and photography strictly prohibited.Bicycles are available for riding in the Lake.
  • Fishing is not allowed inside the lake.
  • The best and ideal opportunity to visit this spot is November to February month in winter season and June to August month in storm season.

How to reach Sarovar

Sarovar is situated in the town of Anegundi in the Gangavathi taluk of Koppal locale in the Karnataka state, India.and the fort is about 3.3 km away from the anegundi. And 22km away from the hampi.Furthermore, the Pampa Sarovar is 14 km away from the gangavathi,and 17km away from the Gangavathi railway station and 63km away from the sindhanoor and 38km away from the  locale of Koppal city and 29 km away from the hospet.

By Bus/car

  • Pampa Sarovar is 22 Km  away from Gangavathi (32 min).
  • Pampa Sarovar  is 38 Km away from Koppal (1hour 14min).
  • Pampa Sarovar is 68 Km away  from Bellary (2 h 4 min).
  • Pampa Sarovar is 22 Km away  from Hampi (41 min).
  • Pampa Sarovar is 29 Km away  from Hospet (54 min).
  • Pampa Sarovar is 158 Km away from Hubli (4 h ).
  • Pampa Sarovar is 155 Km away  from Bagalkot (3 h 24 min).
  • Pampa Sarovar is 354 Km away  from Bangalore (6 h 23 min).
  • Pampa Sarovar is 63 Km away  from sindhanur (1 h 38min).

By Train

  • Nearest Railway station is Gangavathi railway station it is 17 km away from the Pampa Sarovar (38 min).
  • And The koppal railway station is 39 km away from the Pampa Sarovar.
  • And the Munirabad railway station is 46km away from thePampa Sarovar.
  • And the Bellary railway station is 69km away from the Pampa Sarovar.
  • And the hospet railway station is 29km away from the Pampa Sarovar.

By Air

  • The nearest airport is Jindal Vijaynagar Airport and it is 48km (1 hr 28 min) away from the Pampa Sarovar.
  • Hubli Airport 162 Km (4 hr 11 min) away from the Pampa Sarovar.


Pampa Sarovar

Hanumanahalli, Anegundi  Koppal District, Gangavathi taluk,

Karnataka, India, Pincode – 583227                                     

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