Machakanur Holebasaveshwar Temple

Machakanur is a little town situated in Mudhol Taluk, Bagalkot District, Karnataka, India. Machakanur Holebasaveshwar Temple is a 800 years old temple and this is one of the historical places in North Karnataka. This temple was built during the period of Kalyani Chalukyas. Holebasaveshwar temple made up of four feet high platform red stone. This temple is situated on the left bank of river Ghataprabha. Basava(Nandi) and Shiva idol is in front of Ghataprabha river so this Temple is called as Hole Basaveshwar. Hole is the Kannada meaning of river. Holebasaveshwara temple is 1.9 km away from the machakanur,19 km away from the Mudhol and 38km away from the Bagalkot and 62 km away from the Badami.

Machakanur Holebasaveshwar Temple
Inside The Temple

The Holebasaveshwar Temple is situated on the left banks of river Ghataprabha.Machakanur Holebasaveshwar is the avatar of lord Shiva vahana of Nandhi and this idol is the udbhava murthy present in this temple. Holebasaveshwar temple made up of four feet high platform red stone consists of Pradakshina patha,Garbagriha,open Antarala,Navarangamanthapa and Mukhamanthapa.Nandi idol is present inside Garbhagriha and There is an open Navarang with 16 pillars.The columns are cut wonderfully with different plans. They are planned with chime shapes, star like and few are straightforward in nature. The Bhuvaneshwari(ceiling) of Navaranga is finished with lotus and ringer shapes. There are platforms like roundabout construction in the Navarang. Before the Navarang there are a few ardhagambhaswith with figures in their bodhige(potika)part. And the entrance looks like Hoysal’s simha.

Holebasaveshwar Temple Timings
Temple Opening and Closing Time Morning 7:00 am 8 :00 pm (Check for the latest updates on timings)
Annual Festival /jatra of Holebasaveshwar Temple

The Annual Festival is done during the last week of December Month.  

Where To Stay :
  • Rooms are available at Mudhol.
  • Rooms are available at  Bagalkot.
Things To do :
  • Get darshana for SriHolebasaveshwar temple.
  • And the sevas ticket available for the devotees.
  • Nice to visit the Malaprabha River.
  • Very crowded in festival timings.
  • Lakshadeepotsva is done every year.
How to reach Machakanur Holebasaveshwar Temple 

Temple is situated in the Machakanur and it is Mudhol taluk of Bagalkot District and it is 19 km away from the Mudhol. And 38 km away from Bagalkot. This Temple is having  Good Transportation from other places.

By Bus/car

The temple  is well connected by public transport to nearby Mudhol,Bagalkot, Badami, Hubli, Dharwad,Bijapur.

  • Mudhol  is 19 km aside from Machakanur.
  • Bagalkot is 38 km aside from Machakanur.
  • Badami is 62 km aside from Machakanur.
  • Belagavi is 117 km aside from Machakanur.
  • Bijapur is 105 km aside from Machakanur.
  • Savadatti is  80 km  away from Machakanur.
  • Dharwad is 164 km aside from Machakanur.
  • Hubli  is 136 km aside from Machakanur.
  • koppal  is 168 km aside from Machakanur.
  • Bangalore is 505 km aside from Machakanur.
By Train 
  • The closest railway station to Machakanur is Bagalkot railway station and it is 36 km away from Machakanur.
  • Badami railway  station 57 km away from Machakanur.
  • Bijapur railway station is 102 km away from Machaknur.
By Air 
  • Nearest Airport is Bijapur Airport 105 KM.
  •  Belgaum Airport 104 km away 
  • Hubli Airport  141 KM.

Machaknur Holebasaveshwar Temple 

Machakanur, Mudhol Taluk, Bagalkot District Karnataka,India 587313

Contact number 09972377163

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