Kudalasangama (Koodala sangama) [ಕೂಡಲ ಸಂಗಮ] an important pilgrimage center  for people of the lingayath faith. Renowned temple of Sangameshvara is present on the river bank, at the confluence of the Krishna and the Malaprabha rivers. Formerly it was known as Kappadi sangama .

 The “Aikya Mantapa” is  the holy Samādhi of Vishwa Guru Basavanna,  which is believed to be self-born, is here.Kudalasangama is about 21 km from Hungund.

Things To Do In Kudalasangama

1. Stay at Kudalasangama
2.Bath in River
3.Main Temple (Sangamanath) darshanam.
4.Aikya Mantapa Darshanam.
5. Boating in the river.
6.  Traditional sweets and food items near the temple
7. Visit to Anubhava Mantapa, International Basava Centre and other places.
8. Prasadam at Dasoha Bhavana.

Prasadam (Anna Dasoha) at Kudalasangama

Prasadam is available at Dasoha Bhavana in Koodala sangama.  We need to get the coupons at Kudala sangama Information Centre for prasadam. Also we can donate Food items/ Money to the Dasoha Bhavan.
Lunch is served from 12 : 00 PM to 2:00 PM and Dinner is served from 8.00 PM to 9:00 PM

Kudal Sangam Development Board

Kudalsangam – 587 115
Tq : Hungund, Dist : Bagalkot
Karnataka State
Office : 08351 – 268074, 268060

How To Reach Kudalasangama :

Kudalasangama (Koodalasangama) can be reached by road. Buses will run from all nearby towns to kudalasangama. Nearby towns includes Bagalkot, Ilkal, Hungund, Amingad, Alamatti etc.

Distance from Different Towns To Kudalasangama:
Badami to Kudalasangama is around : 67 km
Amingad to Kudalasangama is around : 33 km
Ilkal to Kudalasangama is around : 32 km
Alamatti to Kudalasangama is around : 19 km
Hungund to Kudalasangama is around : 21 km
Bagalkot to Kudalasangama is around : 56 km
Hubli to Kudalasangama is around : 170 km
Belgaum to Kudalasangama is around : 189  km
Bijapur to Kudalasangama is around : 90 km

 Where To Stay In Kudalasangama :

Jain Darshan Yatrinivas
Near Temple,Kudalasangama,
Bagalkot-587 115
Tel: 08351-268 331/ 330, 093424 39877
There is no online booking facility available for this hotel. Its advised to call and inform they will reserve the room for you.

Kamat Upachar, Kudalasangam

Kudalasangam Hunagunda Taluk Bagalkot Dist.

 Where To Eat :

You can have the food (prasadam) served by the temple in ‘Dasoha Bhavana’. Also you can taste the traditional breakfast items (like Poori, Avalakki, Soosala (Mandakki Vaggarane, Mirchi Bhaji etc) available near the temple.
Also you can opt for Kamat Upachar hotel for breakfast and dinner with cool ambiance.
Don’t forget to buy the famous Amingad Karadantu in the sweet shops.

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