Ilkal Sarees

Ilkal is a city in Bagalkot district of Karnataka state. The Ilkal is located at a distance of around 58 km from Badami , 63 km from Bagalkot and 413 km from Bangalore. The ilakl is famous for ‘traditional hand woven sarees known as ‘Ilakl Saree’ . Ilakl is also known for ‘Red Granite Stone’. Ilakal city also has famous ‘Shri Chittaragi Vijaya Mahantaswami math’.

The traditional sarees are worn in bagalkot and other towns in north karnataka. The sarees also won in some parts of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.The pattern of these are is unique and usually they are made using cotton with silk wrap for border and pallu. As the fashion has no limits ,now sarees have crossed the borders and are worn by women of different places across India and even outside India.

GI tag for Ilkal Saree

As these sarees are famous and they are known as ‘Ilkal Sarees’. Ilkal has also received GI (Geographical indication) tag for sarees.
The GI tag is for Ilkal saree is 76 .Ilkal was an ancient weaving centre and many people of the town are involved in weaving sarees. Tope Teni, Kondi, Tope Teni Seragu are some of the techniques used in weaving these sarees. Chikki, Gomi, Jari, Gadidadi, Gayathri are few of the border pattern used in saree weaving.The border is usually unique which is of red or maroon.
Shop Sarees Online :
You can buy sarees at various shops at Ilkal and other major towns of karnataka. You can also buy sarees online.

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