ANEGUNDI FORT – First capital of the Vijayanagara Empire

Anegundi earlier days are called kishkinda. It is famous for Anegundi Fort . It is a town in the Gangavathi taluk, Koppal region in the Indian province of Karnataka, it is one of the world heritage places in the hampi. Anegundi is the oldest town rather than the hampi,it is located on the northern bank of tungabhadra river. Anegundi is surrounded as one side is tungabhadra river and three sides as hills. Anegundi is the first capital city of vijayanagara empire. In kannada anegundi means elephant pit.anegundi 12km away from the gangavathi and 20 km away from the hampi, and 40km away from the koppal,and 356km away from bangalore. Anegundi Fort is must visit if you plan to visit hampi. It is loacted at a distance of 130 km from Badami.

Anegundi, Anjanadri slope, Rishyamukha and Pampa Sarovar are inside 5km of one another. Every one of these spots have been alluded to in Ramayana. Anegundi is accepted to be the monkey realm of Kishkindha. Anjanadri slope is accepted to be the origin of Hanuman. Rishyamukha slope is the place where Sugreeva resided and Rama and Laxmana meet Hanuman on this slope. It is accepted that Rama and Laxmana had washed in Pampa Sarovar.

Anegundi is supposed to be 3000 million years of age, henceforth its probably the most seasoned level on Earth. Anegundi is wealthy in Neolithic history. Two notable neolithic destinations, Mourymane and Onake Kindi are inside 10kms of Anegundi town. Moremane otherwise known as Mourya Mane is a Stone Age state of a few stone constructions with artistic creations. Mourya mane is an ancient human settlement where one can discover proof of human exercises spread over Microlithic, Megalithic and Neolithic ages. Anegundi town itself is a living legacy site.

About Anegundi Fort

Anegundi fort is situated in the anegundi and it is 3.3 km away from the anegundi. And it’s near to Hampi. Anegundi fort has several tombs and the significant territory to visit inside the fort is the Durga Temple and the Ganesha Cave Temple.during the Vijayanagara dynasty vijayanagara kings taking the blessings of goddess durga Devi before going to the war after that visit the pampa sarovar and shri lakshmi temple. Anegundi fort has covered a huge territory of Rishyamukha slope.


Anegundi fort has 4 gates east and west, north and southside. The main entrance (mahadwar) of Anegundi fort is kadebagilu it is present in north side.and toranagallu is present in eastside of the fort.nagalupur entrance is present in south side of the fort.near hospet road fort entrance is present on west side.and the main entrance is also called as sunkdamahadwara. And inside the fort kote anjaneya temple is present in all sides of the fort.and includes several tombs around the fort.and entrance of the fort having durgadevi temple.fort back towards the gateway and it is close to hanuman temple. The main entrance of the fort The goddess of durgadevi temple inside the fort Temple has several single floor structures Kalyan Mantap and a kitchen. The open space around these structures are cleared with stone pieces. Rishyamukha hill is a store of boulders.Some stones are up to 40 feet in length and 10 feet thick. The holes between the stones change from not many creeps to a few feet.and kalyani located and the fort. And the ganesh cave located one side fort and pampa sarovar lakshmi temple is located inside the fort.

Fort Timings.
  • All days of the week Opening and Closing Time :7:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • No entry fees.
  • Visit duration  2 to 3 hours.
Where To Stay :
  • The hotels or lodges in Anegundi are 3km away from the anegundi fort.
  • and Gangavathi are 23km away from the temple
  • and nearby  hospet also rooms are available.
Things To do :
  • Get darshana for sri durgadevi temple.
  • And inside the fort get darshan for kote anjaneya temple.
  • And get darshan for lakshmi temple.
  • And enjoy the sightseeing of the fort.
  • Capturing the fort experience will be good.
  • Gain the knowledge about the history of the fort during the Vijayanagar empire.
How to reach Anegundi

Anegundi is situated in the town of Anegundi in the Gangavathi taluk of Koppal locale in the Karnataka state, India.and the fort is about 3.3 km away from the anegundi. And 22km away from the hampi.Furthermore, the anegundi fort is 14 km away from the gangavathi,and 17km away from the Gangavathi railway station and 63km away from the sindhanoor and 38km away from the  locale of Koppal city.

To Reach Anegundi Fort
  • Anegundi is 22 Km  away from Gangavathi (32 min).
  • Anegundi  is 38 Km away from Koppal (1hour 14min).
  • Anegundi is 68 Km away  from Bellary (2 h 4 min).
  • Anegundi is 22 Km away  from Hampi (41 min).
  • Anegundi is 29 Km away  from Hospet (54 min).
  • Anegundi is 158 Km away from Hubli (4 h ).
  • Anegundi is 155 Km away  from Bagalkot (3 h 24 min).
  • Anegundi is 354 Km away  from Banglore (6 h 23 min).
  • Anegundi is 63 Km away  from sindhanur (1 h 38min).
By Train To Reach Anegundi Fort.
  • Nearest Railway station is Gangavathi railway station it is 17 km away from the Anegundi fort (38 min).
  • And The koppal railway station is 39 km away from the Anegundi
  • And the Munirabad railway station is 46km away from theAnegundi
  • And the Bellary railway station is 69km away from the Anegundi
  • And the hospet railway station is 29km away from the Anegundi
By Air To Reach Anegundi
  • The nearest airport is Jindal Vijaynagar Airport and it is 48km (1 hr 28 min) away from the Anegundi.
  • Hubli Airport 162 Km (4 hr 11 min) away from the Anegundi fort.
Anegundi Contact:

Lakshmi Temple Road, Anegundi  Koppal District, Gangavathi taluk, Karnataka, India, Pincode – 583227       

Website :                  

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